Cyber security is the means of protection of all devices, services and networks – and the information on them – from theft or damage, and it’s a shared responsibility that should involve every member of staff within all organisations, whatever their role.

With this in mind, the Be Cyber Savvy campaign was first launched in 2019 by the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership’s Cyber Security Group to coincide with Cyber Security Awareness Month which takes place every October. 

The Be Cyber Savvy campaign focuses on helping staff in health and social care settings across Cheshire and Merseyside (and beyond) to be cyber savvy, through gaining an understanding of the threat of cybercrime and the ways in which their actions can help or hinder these types of attacks.


Cyber security is of particular importance to staff in our region’s health and social care settings, because as the healthcare we deliver transforms, we recognise that so do the threats – with increased connectivity of and between medical devices, health records, patient personal information and networks between all care organisations.

As a result, we see cyber security as critical to patient safety, as it’s not just about protecting patients’ information, but also about maintaining the safety and trust of everyone in our care. Particularly as, it’s more likely that data breaches will originate from human negligence than a technical failure, and we acknowledge that our safety ‘chain’ is only as strong as its weakest link.

That’s why we place such importance on educating the individuals working within our integrated care system (ICS), so they fully understand and can take responsibility for cyber security.