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What can healthcare orgs do to prepare for a cyber attack?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen that cyber attacks are on the rise, andwhen the target is a national healthcare service, like we’ve seen recently with theransomware attack on Ireland’s health system, it can affect the lives and healthof millions of people, with potentially fatal results.


With this in mind, in the latest issue of IT Pro 20/20 our Digital Lead, PaulCharnley talks about the actions healthcare organisations can take to betterprepare for a cyber attack. Utilising the scenario-based cyber security exercisethat was undertaken by the C&M Cyber Security Group as an example of goodpractice.


Firstly, for the ability of training exercises like this, to test how the partners working across a large geographical area canwork together to respond to a potential cyber attack in a quick, unified and coordinated way. And secondly, for how thelessons learnt from these exercises can then be utilised to develop a System-wide incident response plan to help supportfuture efforts.


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