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Cyber Security Awareness Month

As a hospital using technology to deliver the best possible care for our patients - we are faced with the responsibility of keeping safe online. We need to protect our patients’ information.

October is the month we celebrate Halloween, it is also European Cyber Month, and there are real monsters that you can encounter online. Last year the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership Cyber Security Group, launch the Cyber Savvy campaign across all partner organisations. This year, we continue with our cyber Savvy campaign to support the European Cyber Month and raise awareness on keep safe while working online. Please remember “Cyber security is a shared responsibility”. Data breaches are more likely to originate from human negligence than a technical failure.

Our hospital’s cyber security is only as strong as our weakest employee. Cyber security involves every member of staff within the organisation, whatever your role. Hackers are on the constant hunt for a potential weak link and will use this weak spot to steal data using different techniques such as phishing, where an email appears to come from a legitimate source but uses fake links to steal sensitive information from the recipient.

As we adapt to new ways of working, mainly remotely, our Cyber Savvy campaign this year will focus on highlighting tips on how to keep cyber safe while working remotely, phishing emails and keeping your passwords strong. These practices will help us all protect patient data.

Patients expect Trusts to collect, hold and use their data in a secure manner. Being “Cyber Savvy” will help you to keep patients front and center by maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of their data. So, keep an eye out for all online cyber activities that will happen through the month of October and become a Cyber Savvy expert.

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