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Fake 'missed parcel' messages: advice on avoiding banking malware

Following an increase in scams sent via ‘missed parcel’ messages, the National CyberSecurity Centre (NCSC) have published updated guidance on how to avoid these fakemessages and what to do if you think you’ve already fallen victim to one.

In particular, the guidance focuses on convincing-looking 'missed parcel' text messages sent by cybercriminals, which havebeen tricking UK citizens into downloading malicious ‘official’ looking delivery or parcel apps, which contain spyware, andonce installed can steal banking details, passwords, and other sensitive information. These fake apps may also access thevictim’s contacts and send them to the criminals, as well as sending additional text messages from the victim’s device toother people's contacts, further spreading the scam to others.

The guidance concludes by advising that if you receive a ‘missed parcel’ message that looks suspicious; don’t click the link inthe message, don’t install any apps if prompted, and forward the message to 7726, which is a free spam-reporting serviceprovided by phone operators, and once this has been done delete the message.


Click here to read the guidance

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